abandoned worlds carved out with nothing but dust and shards of spectral echoes invisible to those outside of their source. the face of a mountain sheared off by an errant light that does not give a fuck about our mortal laws. a holographic smear of data dancing at the limits of the periphery, beyond which exists no more smoke to bind the mind, yet no fire to free the spirit.

these are my mandalas - works of science fiction - built from the ground up with field recordings, live room recordings, drum machines, synthesizers, traditional instruments such as the cello, the violin, guitar, piano and human voice. scorched through amps, valves and trapped in time with classic samplers, analog tape and crusty digital mediums. thank you for listening.


psychic drain.



this is not an album. these are rarities once lost and now found. i dug them up out of thousands of nameless files and left the rest where they belong.



clouded, farther than the periphery, smeared electronics flood the stairwell. banished formants glow through chain links. a distant storm, an empty breeze is stuck on pause. shapes contest their own shadows in the noise. my mind is hunted, tangled and wrung out by endless phantom waves. offer them the REPLIKA.



selected commissions, abandoned or rejected themes and broken mantras for moving picture. largely beatless, ambient dives into tape with analog and digital synthesis, drones, dirty power and white noise. slow motion signal loss.



for key.



daylight in bad dreams, in a cool world full of cruel things. hang tight, all you; nothing like a big bad bridge to go burning through.


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